Lately, the transfer services have gained a great popularity in Latvia. The transfer services imply a reservation of a previously fixed route.
Transfer is a service with a specific set rate. Most often, the ride has a set rate.


The transfer to the airport, ferry terminal, or station, helps to solve many problems often related to departures or arrivals in Riga. Often, it happens that there is nobody to pick up a person who arrives in a middle of a working day. RigaCars offers its clients an option of ordering transfer services. We will take you to the airport, station, ferry terminal or any other destination of your choice. The taxi driver will meet your guests and deliver them to the address of your choice. In this case, it is very convenient to order taxi services to meet the foreign visitors at the airport, station, or ferry terminal, that will then bring them to the specific hotel. The taxi transfer is quite a popular facility in Latvia, appreciated by many. If you are planning a trip, the taxi services to the airport, ferry terminal, or station will ensure a convenient beginning of your further travels.

When ordering the transfer services with Riga Cars, you will have a car with a driver at your disposal, which will then take you to the destination of your choice at a certain time. Transfer services also include the pick up at the airport, ferry terminal, or station. If, for whatever reason, you are not able to meet your guests, we will take care of this problem for you.

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