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Car rental is an integral part of the tourism. In order to make a trip more convenient and mobile, most people choose to rent a car at their travel destination. If you are planning to go to Riga or if you are already here, portal will help you to find the most appropriate car. Here you can book a car for your chosen dates, check their availability and pay for the car rental services on the Internet. Using our car rental services will provide you with a number of advantages, which are not offered by other providers of analogue services.

Are you planning to travel around Riga and Latvia? Or are you maybe willing to visit the neighbouring countries or to travel a longer way to Europe by not using your personal car? Then you are welcome to use our services and to choose the most appropriate car for your rest. Just indicate your budget and see your preferred cars from our wide choice of range of vehicles. You can choose a car from an economy class or rent a limousine as well as travel a long way by a minivan or enjoy the speed of a cabriolet rental car. In all the cases our professional team will make sure that you are having great holidays while using our transport!

How to rent a car in Riga?

The answer is simple:

  1. Choose the most appropriate car for you,
  2. Indicate the date when the car is needed,
  3. Fill in your personal data, so that we can contact you,
  4. Make a payment in order to guarantee a car in your chosen date!


Please, take into account that our operators are working 24/7 (e-mail). Questions, uncertainties, technical help, car booking are available to our clients 24 hours a day in order to fulfil any of such requirements!

The following services related to cars are also included in our offer:

  • Decorating and adorning cars for different ceremonial events, for example, decorating a wedding car. Marketing and its related spheres should be also taken into account. Clients are often interested in cars with an opportunity to put stickers with company logos, different inscriptions, phone numbers on them, and so on. We can help you to print a car with the chosen materials. To the extent possible, we offer printed car rental according to your individual orders.
  • Do you need a car with a navigation device in Riga? Do not worry, we will install the newest navigation device in your chosen car, so that you can enjoy driving around the city and reach your destination in a fast and precise way.
  • Maybe you do not have a driver’s licence or maybe today you are simply not willing to drive a car? Then preferring our safe and professional drivers provided by our driver hire services is a perfect choice: they will convey you to your destinations by the shortest and most effective roads at your chosen time. Select one of our luxury rental cars and enjoy the comfort in the traffic jam while savouring a glass of champagne or watching a TV show in the car interior.


You are welcome to see all the sections of our home page and find the car you are looking for.

Call +371 2 8285976 (from 08:00 till 22:00) and our operator will provide all the necessary information.